Vinteren 2009
Europa For Kristus
Whatsoever Sore Or Sickness
 Tract Signs Of Times
For Vinteren Kommer!
Sprague Gospel Crusade
Why Does Evil Exist?
Lest Any Man Should Boast
 Water Baptism
The Love Of God And All The Spirit
 The Key To Abundant Life
 Gods Grace is Magnanimous
Proof of Supernatural Origin of The Holy Bible
 Newspaper Clippings-Articles
 Worlds Greatest Liberator
 Your God is Too Small
 Prepare To Meet Your God
 Aprils Column
 Life in Jesus' Blood
 The Secret of Inner Healing
The Holy Spirit
 Demanding Faith
Mans Wretchedness & Christ's Redemption
Canada's Sins & Gods Judgement
How To Please God
Dear Friend in Christ
 Repentance, Salvation & Forgiveness
Helpful Hints For A Successful Marriage
 Canada Christ is Calling
New Things
Reformed or Reborn
Neighborhood Bible Studies 
How Can I Know I am Saved
The Paradox Of Our Time
The Miracle of The New Birth
I Was Delivered From Demon Spirits
I Was Legion For We Were Many
Gods Great Love & Mercy
The Double Curse & The Double Cure
A Doctor Answers Questions About Healing Through Faith

Millions Sit In Heathen Darkness
The Battle For Good or Evil
Urgent Call To Prayer For A Revival of Repentance & Faith
Tilley Harder Testimony 
All About Christ: True God & True Man
The Baptism of The Holy Ghost & Fire
The Truth Will Set You Free
Healing For Hurting People (Part 1)
Healing For Hurting People (Part 2)
Instructions For End Times Mobilization
No.5 Neighbourhood Bible Studies
The Importance of Prayer & Fasting
Christ The Mighty Deliverer
The Amazing Vera Dowling Story
Rise Up and Walk
The Prevenient Grace of God
Jean Thun Testimony
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